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Nazi Zombie Shore
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Wed Dec 17 2008, 07:44PM
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Joined: Sun Dec 14 2008, 11:09AM
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Hello Guys I'm new around here, I love the concept of this site, and it's nice to be a part of it . Anyways enough chit chat here's the skinny on my map.
Nazi Zombie Shore is my version of what the nazi_zombie_makin map would of been like. Your team is pinned down in huts on stilts, the zombies attack you from all angles. Will you survive the chaos?
Multiple buildings connect via bridges
2 floors (1st floor are the houses on stilts the 2nd floor is just above the water level.)
Weapons never seen before in zombie mode.
Hectic game play
I've got quite far into this map after rebuilding 4 times, I'm working on the 3rd hut which is near completion. the downstairs hasn't been built yet.
Here's some of the buildings you will be fighting in.

Here's the 1st new weapon I've added in, Mosin Nagant with a scope and bayonet.

Finaly this is how hectic it can get, kept in mind this is just round 2.

More screens here:
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Wed Dec 17 2008, 07:57PM
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Omg that looks really awesome tbh! Cant wait to play.
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Wed Dec 17 2008, 08:51PM
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Joined: Wed Dec 10 2008, 08:45PM
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That looks nice! Good job.
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Wed Dec 17 2008, 09:09PM
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Joined: Sat Nov 15 2008, 10:08PM
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wow it looks like it should added onto Makin
lol, great job so far.
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Wed Dec 17 2008, 09:50PM
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Joined: Sun Dec 14 2008, 11:09AM
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Thanks for the Comments Guys
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Wed Dec 17 2008, 11:40PM
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Joined: Wed Dec 17 2008, 07:04PM
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Yeah that does look like its gonna be a cool map
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Mon Dec 22 2008, 04:13PM
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Joined: Thu Dec 11 2008, 01:35PM
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hummm it look great !)
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Mon Dec 22 2008, 04:18PM
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I got a new Update I've added a DownStairs into the map and have built 3 huts and now am working on the 4th.
The Downstairs is a little rat run to get away form the zombies, jsut make sure you don't get stuck between them all
Here are some Screens:

NOTE: These screens have had their Brightness adjusted, the originals however can be found here

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Sat Dec 27 2008, 04:39AM
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Joined: Mon Nov 24 2008, 06:49PM
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this looks SWEET!
the first SS looks a lot like far-cry, too!
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-CS- Garra
Sat Dec 27 2008, 05:40AM
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Joined: Sun Dec 14 2008, 07:58AM
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hell ya looks real nice
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