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Router issues with Co-op play......
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Mon Mar 23 2009, 01:26PM
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I just purchased the Linksys Wireless - N Broadband router( 1 Gigabit Edition)....

My router issues involve gaming online. I use the wirless router for my wireless laptop and my wired desktop.

The laptop and desktop each have a retail copy of Call Of Duty World At War.

Here are my settings so far:

Under Applications And Gaming Tab:
Port Range Forwarding:

Application Start End Protocol IP Address Enable
CoDWaW1 80 80 BOTH check
CoDWaW2 443 443 BOTH check
CoDWaW3 3074 3074 BOTH check
CoDWaW4 3075 3075 BOTH check
CoDWaW5 3478 3478 BOTH check
CoDWaW6 3479 3479 BOTH check
CoDWaW7 5223 5223 BOTH check

I was told on the chat support that the above is for my desktop and for the laptop, all I had to do is this:

Application Name Triggered Range Forwarded Range Enabled

CoDWaW1 80 to 80 80 to 80 check

CoDWaW2 443 to 443 443 to 443 check

CoDWaW3 3074 to 3074 3074 to 3074 check

CoDWaW4 3075 to 3075 3075 to 3075 check

CoDWaW5 3478 to 3478 3478 to 3478 check

CoDWaW6 3479 to 3479 3479 to 3479 check

CoDWaW7 5223 to 5223 5223 to 5223 check

Just curious if this is the correct setup for online gaming using the laptop and desktop?

Here are a couple of issues I have while gaming online with both computers:

Both computers can game online in the multiplayer mode.......both comps can enter the same server with no problems.

But when it comes to playing Co-op mode and me being the host, I can host with 3 players....but if there is a fourth person, that person cannot join my hosted server.....he is sent to an empty chat room/server and unable to hook up the three gamers.

Another issue I had is when me and a friend played Co-op together on the laptop and desktop the laptop would periodically get a connection interruption for about 5 seconds and then he was able to continue gameplay.

Could someting being interfering with the wireless router and causing the connection interruption? Someone told me it could be my wireless headphones(2.4 ghz) and or portable phones(2.4 ghz) is this possible?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for any responses in advance.

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Mon Mar 23 2009, 05:07PM
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have you been to portforward.com to help you with this?
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Mon Mar 23 2009, 08:18PM
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Well I got my settings from for my router from their site. I'm going to post on their forums too.....thanks!!!!

[ Edited Tue Mar 24 2009, 12:28AM ]
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